“Joan Tanner at Suyama Space”
Temporary Art Review
March 2016

“Columns and Cynics: Ania Jaworska at the MCA Chicago”
ARCADE Magazine
January 2016

“Home Is Where I Want to Be: DWELL at G. Gibson Gallery”
July 2015

“(T)here: Kathryn Fleming / Future Species” 
May 2015

“Secluded Corner, Hirsute Bed, Doorless Entrance: Dwelling on the Vancouver Art Gallery’s The Poetics of Space
ARCADE Magazine, Issue 33.1
April 2015

“Chronicles of a Reader: the common S E N S E”
Henry Art Gallery Blog
November 2014

“Confronting, Sparring, Dancing: The Serious Play of Max Kraushaar’s OHP: T”
Catalogue Essay for the exhibition “Max Kraushaar, OHP: T,” LxWxH Gallery, Seattle, WA
September 2014

“Mapping Desire Lines: From Richard Long’s Walks to the Sinewy Paths of Smell”
August 2014